The gifts are done! They are on their way out the door this week! Whew...that will be a load off my mind and one more thing crossed off the list before Christmas. Mike finished our 4th annual Smith Collection CD last night as well.

One of my favorite things now days is that Canaan loves to hold my hand and kiss my hand. When you have a baby you can cuddle with them all day long. As they get to be about 2 years old they start wanting their independence. Its a fight to get them to hold your hand to cross the street. Canaan is now almost 6 and he has begun to figure out he is his own person and feels confident as a little boy. Now when we are walking at the mall or around the neighborhood he runs and puts his little hand in mine and then puts his lips to my hand and gives me a sweet kiss. It is such a blessing and joy in my life each time he does it. I love that he loves me so!