Random Stuff...

On Thanksgiving Day I put Ezra down for a little nap. A while later I went to check on him to find him in the bathroom not in bed. And what was he doing in the bathroom? He had gotten his hands on his nan nan's hairspray and fixed his hair (kinda like Rodd Stewart from 1980). He was so proud of his great job on his hair and wanted pictures taken immediately. Of course we didn't learn our lesson that time and the next day, at nap time, it happened again.

Canaan started his first paint-by-numbers this weekend as well. I think this will be a work in progress for sure...I'm thinking probably a year or two at least.

Mike went and met with Canaan's teacher last night and she had his reports from the assessment tests they did prior to him starting kindergarten. His math skill, as I have mentioned before, are really good. Our thoughts were confirmed when she said that in the math portion there were a total point value of 139. The school system likes the students to have at least 80 points by the end of kindergarten. When Canaan took the test back in August his score was 135. Thankfully she said he is able to do a virtual math class online at school so he can work at his own pace. She said she also has him helping some of the other students as well which he really enjoys.

I keep meaning to post pictures of a great gift my dear friend Freedom sent the boys. Unfortunately I still haven't taken pics...those will be soon to come. I also got Mike this amazing little journal for his birthday and want to share that as well soon.

Ok, enough randomness. Busy day ahead. Christmas gifts are almost all made! Woo hoo!! Canaan has asked for some more applique tee shirts so I need to work on those. I think I only have 1 quilt to finish up and a pillow to make before the holidays. Now I am staring at a huge pile of finished gifts that need to be shipped across the country! That is always my biggest hurdle--just getting them out the door.