Beer Fest '09

Mike's first annual beer tasting was held on Saturday. We had over 30 friends spread out all over the house, on the new deck, down on the covered porch, and into the yard. It was a beautiful 60 degree day and we had an amazing time.

We re-arranged the house to accommodate a "tasting room". That meant moving the living room into the dining room and holding the tasting in the living room.
Mike designed his own beer labels and titled these "FieldSmith" (his friend Matt Fields brewed the stout).

Mike was definitely in his element giving his beer lecture and sampling out the brew. He even had an article printed out for everyone to read called "the zen and art of beer drinking". Love it!

The reactions to his beer were great! I think people were really surprised how well they tasted (3 kinds). The resounding favorite was the brown ale which was to be expected. It is the smoothest and most lightweight of the bunch. The bock is my favorite, and the favorite of true beer coneseur. It is really complex and full flavored...not for everyone.

Tomorrow, I'll post about Canaan's entrepreneurial efforts on Saturday as well.