The Marshmallows Company

For a while now Canaan has loved marshmallows. It isn't quite an obsession, but a definite love, for sure.
He started talking about having his own marshmallow company a while ago. He will talk about the flavors he will make (peach-mostly), how he wants to make them healthy marshmallows, and other fun little business ideas he dreams up when we're driving in the car or making smores out at the fire in the backyard.
Last Thursday he was talking about the upcoming party on Saturday. There had been an entrepreneur fair for 5th graders at his school that same day and in his mind it all came together that he should have his own little booth at our party...hence, "The Marshmallows Company" was launched.
(I will interject here that I am a firm believer in encouraging my boys to pursue their dreams! I always want to encourage them to go for what they want and to follow their for now (or who knows, maybe longer), marshmallows it is! )
On Friday we made marshmallows after he got out of school. He aptly named it The Marshmallows Company (not marshmallow company because no one buys just one marshmallow-he says). He designed his own logo which is so absolutely amazing! I love, love, love his little logo.

Friday night I made him a freezer paper stencil shirt and printed out labels for his bags. He admitted to me that he was scared to actually have to sell the marshmallows and would now rather give them away. We talked it through and I explained that everyone coming is his friend and would be so excited to see him selling his marshmallows. This made him feel much better and by the next morning, he was ready to sell!

We brought down his little wooden desk from the craft room and set it up next to Mike's sampling table. He put the quilt on as a tablecloth and hung his sign. He even had a sample plate with toothpicks sticking out of each little sample.
He was apprehensive at first when the guests started to arrive, but as the day proceeded he was walking around with his sample plate offering samples to everyone. H
He sold out of his goods and profited $14 from the day. He remembered to pull out his 10% tithe for church the next day and put all but $5 in his "boat money" (the money he has been diligently saving for 2 years to go on another cruise).

I laughed when my sister told me at one point he and his cousin were at the marshmallow stand and the samples fell off the plate. They wanted to make sure the ones that had fallen still tasted ok to pass out to customers so they opened up a new pack and "sampled" those against the fallen ones to make sure they all tasted the same. Since they did, the samples that had fallen on the floor promptly went back onto the plate and were given to customers.

(Some brotherly love before the big sale)