Patience Pays Off

After months (maybe even a year) of looking for a pasta maker, I found one last night. Yes, I could have gone to Williams Sonoma and picked one up for $100 but that just isn't in my DNA. I have a firm belief that I can find ANYTHING at a thrift store if I remain patient enough. With this said, I don't stop at the thrift store everyday looking~in fact I hadn't been to one here in town for well over a month. But last night after Canaan's tennis lesson I sent the boys home with Mike and headed to the Wednesday "family day" (50% off clothing) at the Salvation Army.
There, I found my little treasure. Still in the box, wrapped in plastic, was the pasta maker I had been patiently looking for. It is a really nice one. Super heavy duty with 3 different rollers for lasagna, fettuccine, and spaghetti.
I am thrilled with finding it...for $7.99!

In other news, the seedlings are started. I have started the cold weather seedlings (lettuce, spinach, and beets). I have the worst luck with seedlings so we'll see how it goes this year. Any tips on getting these suckers to produce nice little plants for the garden? I follow the directions, use good soil, etc...but they usually don't pan out. Hopefully this year!