He Models

Ezra is a model. No, he isn't paid nor do we take him to the local talent agency. But nonetheless he models - for us.
Ezra, despite his love of sports, super heroes, and sword fighting, also loves fashion. I started noticing this about four or five months ago when he was insistent about picking out his own clothes. Yes, every child does this, I know. But when Ezra says he is going to get dressed, he comes back down the stairs 10 minutes later in a pair of jeans, a linen button down and a blazer. Then he promptly goes to put on his Converse All Stars. After that he heads to the bathroom to make his hair look good and then comes back to the living room to put a baseball cap on backwards. It's all topped off as he is walking out the door in this aviator sunglasses.
Thankfully I had my camera in my purse and I just had to snap some pictures of this little guy in action in Forever 21 at the mall.

After admiring himself in the mirror and dancing to Lady Gaga in the store (I snapped the pics before he even noticed) he asked me to take some pictures of him in the store window. Mike and Canaan stood to the side completely amused and mall shoppers stopped to watch as he posed for some seriously cool photos...he was unfazed by the onlookers.

So all you Mini Boden agents out there~ here's your next top model. He's ready and waiting!