A Little Over A Week

A view from the chaotic studio
Just a little over a week until Mayfest. Its my first art/craft fair and I really have no idea how to prepare. How much do I make? What prices do I set? How am I going to set up the booth? Is it going to rain the whole weekend? These are just a few of the questions running through my mind day in and day out leading up to the festival.
AccuWeather tells me that next weekend will be beautiful. Fingers and toes crossed, it will be.

My Mayfest Stash
I think I have made all that I am going to make. Now I need to just get it all organized, price things, and think through the details of making my booth the best it can be.
If you are in the Lexington area come out and say hi. Mayfest is going to be super fun. Its in Gratz Park downtown and there will be plenty of things happening for kids and adults alike.
So wish me luck as I dive head first into this final week. I think I will give my sewing machine a nice long vacation after this month...