Re evaluating

On Monday morning I woke up and immediately pulled out a piece of paper and pencil. I had spent much of the night lying awake thinking about things and needed to get up and get them on paper as quickly as possible (surely I am not the only one that does that, right?) Anyhow, what I began writing was a list. A list of the many things that I do, am committed to, that keep me busy, that I am aiming toward, that I have set as goals and that eat up my time during the day.
The list grew and grew, as I knew it would. I do have quite a bit going on but they are all things I love and don't necessarily see as burdensome. Nonetheless, even the best intentioned activities or projects need re evaluated once in a while.
After I made the list I kept it on the butcher block island for the day. I would pass by it every 15 minutes or so, glance down and look it over and then keep moving. I thought much about the list that day and prayed alot about the things on that list too. I knew in my heart that I needed to give some of that up. I have been sensing for a while a need to change up things and start making some new goals and blazing some new trails with Mike and the boys. So in order to move in some new creative directions it means backing off of some other things, letting some stuff go, lessening my contributions to others, etc..
In one way it was hard, but in other ways so freeing! It was liberating to give myself the permission to let go and move on from some projects that I felt I needed to stick with for the sake of not giving up on them or because I have it in me to see everything through to the end.
This process was also really enlightening for me to once again re evaluate my purpose in everything I do. I try to do everything with meaningful purpose and thought but overtime even the best hopes and dreams for something kind of get veered off track and either the goal behind it shifts or my heart in it begins to fade.
So this week I knocked some things off the list. Making room for the new! So excited about the new too. One new will hopefully be volunteering my sewing skills with children at a school here in town that live with much less than any child should have.
The second new thing that is coming up is (a secret for now because we're still working out all of the details) going to be an exciting challenge for this family of five. Its going to change up our weekly schedule, give us more involvement in our community and keep us on our toes. Can't wait to share it with you someday soon!

I would challenge all of you to make your own list. You'll be amazed how many things you've committed yourself to over time. Eliminate and Concentrate. Eliminate those things that you can (and maybe some you think you can't but really can!) and concentrate on those things that are most important and that encourage you, your family and those around you live a better and more full life.