This Little Guy

Life certainly is more sweet with little Otto around. We are all continually mesmerized by him, his new antics each day and his amazingly calm and sweet disposition. Since we know he is our last, we are really savoring each moment with him. Canaan says almost daily, "Otto is growing up too fast." Indeed he is.

I don't mind at all those occasional middle of the night feedings (though they are few and far between now). I don't even mind the little meltdowns he has when we put him in his car seat (those are pretty few and far between too). Soon he will begin eating solids and that makes me so sentimental. Where have these six months gone?

Canaan starts second grade next week and Ezra will venture off to pre-kindergarten. They are ready ~ and in a way, I am ready too. I am looking forward to some alone time with Otto during the day and then welcoming the boys home from school each afternoon refreshed and ready to hear all about their school day adventures.