A Day at The Marshmallows Company Kitchen

We have some new friends in town. Aaron and Tina and their sweet daughter Ayla moved here from Chicago in recent months to open a restaurant in the Red Rive Gorge of Kentucky. Tina is also a professional photographer. An uber-amazing photographer, in fact. She is one of these rare breeds that take photos with seemingly effortlessness.

Otto's perspective on it all.

Canaan's first "big equipment" purchase for his company. An industrial Hobart mixer he got for $20 (normal price for a new one, over $2000)

Ezra taking a break to watch Tom and Jerry.

She spent a couple of hours with us out at The Homestead a few weeks ago to document Canaan's marshmallow process. She was so quick in her movements with the camera, yet so calm. A few days later she sent along the proofs. My jaw dropped to the floor as Mike and I saw the amazing way she really truly captured a-day-in-the-life of our family.
Her company, Vrai Photography, is award winning...no doubt why. Her work is flawless.
Click on her link to view more photos from this day, to see her other amazing photo shoots and book her for your own! (she still works in the Chicago area as well as here in Kentucky.)