Springtime in Art

With the change in seasons, I am inspired to change around some wall art in the house. Since we moved in I have had embroidery hoops with vintage fabrics hanging in our hallway. Now, 3 years later, I am kind of ready to move on. So down came the embroidery hoops and I went hunting around the studio for something else to hang there. I found a wooden frame that I had bought for $3 at a thrift store (forever ago). I took out the 1980's country duck picture and put in its place a scrap piece of embroidered flowers on linen that I bought several years ago at an antique store for $2. I painted and distressed the frame pink...there is so much testosterone in this house, I needed some feminine touches...and voila! some new spring art for the wall.

Also in my studio was a large blank canvas, again, that I bought at the thrift store a while back (oh how I love my thrifty buys!) Now that this painting is done I think it serves as a great homage to the upcoming Royal wedding! The fun take on the British flag was inspired by a page I had torn from a Boden catalog. Again, slightly more feminine than usual ~ but I'm liking the spring floral feel going on right now.