The boys started Fall Break on Friday. No big plans in store, so we woke up Friday morning with a full day of wide open schedule in front of us~
We sent Mike off to work and piled in the car for a drive. Destination, bakery. The camera was a last minute grab. Darn those camera phones! I find myself bringing my camera on less and less outings in favor of the lightweight, portability of my back pocket phone.
But with camera in the passengers seat and three boys in the back~ Canaan with his favorite book, Farmer Boy (4th time reading it since the first grade), Ezra with nothing but his eyes on the scenery, and Otto with his favorite dog, we headed out of town towards a small town bakery in the middle of horse country.
So on Friday, with Farmer Boy, dog, camera and bellies full of baked goods we stumbled across an empty field with an old log cabin~ which screamed  "photo opportunity"! I think you'll agree~
You can see the full Flickr photostream here.