The Renaissance Man is now Employed

This is Mike. Pretty swoon worthy, in my opinion.
He's a husband (lucky me)
He's dad to three boys (lucky them)
He's my daily barista
He's the studio builder
And the nightly fireplace fire maker.
He's the Thai food maker when Michael from Milwaukee isn't here
The beer brewer
The often pancake flipper
A sometimes woodworker
A sometimes welder
And the sewing machine fixer guy
He's the assistant marshmallow maker
He's the magazine's graphic/tech support guy
A therapist on my most stressed out days
And a chocolate buyer (on my most stressed out days)
He's really funny
A silly dancer
A music lover
A mountain yearner
He's energized by the city
And loves strong coffee
He's a great shopping buddy
And never complains about a trip to the mall
He's happily Mr. Mom this week while I fly across the country for a conference
oh.....and after nearly 2 years of an unexpected layoff~ he's now employed (with his dream job).

(collective sigh of relief)

**more on that journey soon~ a family of 5 enduring a 2 year layoff is.a.journey
I'm sure some of you can identify.