Anticipating Fall

A couple of years ago I found 4 pictures of a farm. Each showed the farm in a different season. I absolutely love things like this. For a while they hung in the boys room but since the move I have decided that we, as an entire family, should get to share in the fun of these pics. I have hung one, framed, by the door with the particular season we are in. Fall is framed now. Yes it isn't quite fall yet, I know, Mike already reminded me, but I am ANTICIPATING fall so I am putting it up! It makes me happy to see it along with our new keyholder (Urban Outfitters) that I found at our huge kick-butt overstock store called Gabriel Brothers for $4.99.
In other news...
My cake won 3rd place at the Kentucky State Fair this year. This is the first time I have ever entered anything into a competition so it was fun to actually place! I was suprised how many cakes were entered. Holy cow! It was fun and I am already looking forward to next year!
My cup of coffee is at the bottom and that means it is time to start the day. Ezra and I will head to the gym for a workout. I am trying to finish a little art project that hopefully I can post about tomorrow. And we will attempt cleaning out our "junk" closet when Mike gets home tonight. Wish us luck!