Thanksgiving in the Mountains

We headed to the mountains of Eastern Kentucky for Thanksgiving again this year. We have a lot to be thankful for with Mike's moms recovery from brain tumor/surgury, buying our first house this year, the opportunity to wake up each day with good health and happiness as a family, and much more too numerous to mention.

Our tradition as a family (Mike, Canaan, Ezra, and I) is to take a walk through the holler after Thanksgiving dinner. Some years it is cold and snowy, others it is balmy and sunny. This year we added a bit of a hike into the walk.

December is going to be a completely crazy month. Isn't it for everyone, though? Ours includes MUCH traveling which leaves us to only enjoy our Christmas tree for about 7 days total before Christmas. With our travels will bring some great visits with family and friends and Mike will be marrying one of our college students at the end of the month in Indianapolis.

In other news... my big brother, Bryce and his amazing girlfriend, Aimee, got engaged this past Thanksgiving holiday. WOO HOO!! A spring wedding is in the works. We enjoy spending time with them whenever we get a chance. We are super duper happy for them and can't wait for the big day!